Mentoring and Mentors

Mentoring is offered by SCORE volunteer mentors at no charge.

We have mentors who have knowledge in a variety of industries at many levels. To make a counseling request, click “Request Appointment” for the counselor that best fits your needs. Complete the request form by telling us briefly about your business and the assistance that you are seeking.

Find a Mentor Today

We will assign the selected counselor if he/she is available. Otherwise, the information you provide will help us suggest an alternative counselor who is well-qualified to assist you. We will contact you within two business days to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about making a counseling request, please contact our office (775) 784-4436. If you’re going into business for yourself for the first time, we strongly encourage you to attend a SCORE Start-Up Basics before signing up for face-to-face counseling.

We counsel at the following places:

  • UNR main campus – Ansari Business Building (#063 on map)
  • Reno Chamber of Commerce, 1 East First Street, Reno (map)
  • Innevation Center, 450 Sinclair, Reno, Nevada 89501
  • Sparks Chamber of Commerce 643 Pyramid Way, Sparks (map)
  • Small Business Administration, 300 Booth Street, Suite 3065, Reno
  • Redfield Campus, 18600 Wedge Parkway, Bldg. A, South Reno (map)
  • Carson City NNDA Office, 704 W. Nye Lane, Carson City (map)
  • Other places as agreed by you and the mentor

Parking at UNR

At the UNR campus, parking options vary based on the time and location. Parking at UNR is free after 8pm Monday through Thursday and after 5pm Friday and all day on weekends unless signage indicates otherwise. During the weekdays you may park in the parking structure or at a parking meter.

Parking Structure Usage

  1. Go to the Information Booth on the corner of Center St. and Ninth St. at the south end of the UNR campus (from I-80W, take the Virginia exit and turn right on Center St. before you reach Virginia, go through the stop sign at Ninth and enter the kiosk).
  2. Acquire a parking pass for $5.00. On leaving the campus, turn right on Ninth St. and another right at Virginia St. Head north past the dormitories and turn right into the parking garage (before you reach Lawlor Events Center).
  3. Assuming the session is held at the Ansari Business Building, come out of the parking garage on the east side. You will see a sidewalk directly in front of the new Education Building. You want to follow this sidewalk, going in between the Education Building and the Reynolds School of Journalism (green rooftops) until you come out at the end of a quad of grass. At the other end of the quad is the back of the Ansari Business Building (red brick with white between floors). If the session is not at the Ansari Business Building, refer to the UNR map for guidance.

Parking Meters

If you would rather park in metered parking, there are two-hour meters in front of the Jot Travis Student Union on Virginia St. From here, to find the Ansari Business Building, head east into the campus, passing the White Pine and Lincoln dorms and the library on your left. The Ansari Business Building is on the other side of the library. There is also metered parking right next to the parking garage (turn right from Virginia Street right next to Lawlor, then turn right again toward the garage) and in other locations around campus – usually near 9th Street or Virginia Street. If the session is not at the Ansari Business Building, refer to a campus map for guidance.